How Much Do You Need In Assistance?

$100 - $400

How we help

Not having money to pay your upcoming or past due rent payment can be very stressful. Millions of Americans face this reality day in and out of losing their place of residence. Having a place to stay is one of the most basic needs and our goal is to provide a realistic means of keeping a roof over your head. was created to help people find the proper resources to pay or catch up on rent. We understand fully that unexpected expenses can drain your budget and peace of mind. Let us offer up to $1000 to cover your rent, security deposit, utilities or moving cost.

Security Deposit Assistance

A security deposit is funds that is given to the landlord when you first move in. Your landlord can then use it to cover and unpaid rent or damages. This money can be refunded at the end of your lease if no damages are found.

Our company offers security deposit assistance to people who need the initial investment to move into a new place. This is great option for those who may be in the moving process, but receive their paycheck later on.

Utility Assistance

We also provide assistance for light, water and other utility bills. There is nothing more important that keeping your lights on or having heat/air. If you are having trouble with either one of these, let us help you. 

This is for household bills such as water, electric, gas etc.

Currently can offer help on connection cost. This includes Internet, not Television.

Moving Assistance

Moving can be tiresome and frustrating. Hiring a person with a truck big enough to transport all your items can be costly. The average moving cost is $700. We can resources that can help you cover this financially.

Rental Assistance Approval Credits

Here is the breakdown for money allowed for assistance:

1. Up To $1,000 Available for paying current month's rent, deposit or back rent.

2. Up To $850 for moving expenses such as movers or renting a trucks.

3. Up To $500 available for utility expenses like water, light, phone or internet bill.

Benefits Of Our RentReflex Program

1. We CAN Help Your Situation our goal is to help you secure the funds you need to pay rent, utilities and other expenses. 

2. Fast Approval our representatives will contact you in within 1 business day to complete your application.

3. You may get help from us more than once we know money can get tight more than once.


Can I Get Help Unemployed?

Yes, unemployment or SSI benefits is considered income.

What Are The Requirements?

You must be 18 years old and receive a source of income ( job, unemployment, ssi benefits or pension). 

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